No wonder my blog got no pagerank. My Blog unranked and I think becoz i have been ban from google adsense for fraud click. I did't do that fraud click, but google ban me, nothing i can do.. (>.<) ARGHHH!! at least give my blog pagerank le...


  1. Michael Bridges said...

    Hi Flipoff, that sucks that Google won't give you a page rank because they think you committed fraud. That's really unfair.

    I wanted to tell you that I tagged you with the 7 Ps tag. You can check it out at
    I hope you join in.

  2. Piko said...

    I Flipoff, i agree with Mike, i also have the same problem last time. But i manage to re-apply back my Adsense. Tips and tricks? Find out at my Adsense Tips post. Good luck.

  3. FlipOff said...

    but google reply that is no way i can join adsense back.. i really disappointed with that reply.. but still i try to get my adsense back in my blog..
    but, thanks mike and piko.. i will try my best.. =)

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