Thursday Nite Futsal

Yesterday, very rare event at Shell futsal court called Thursday Nite Futsal(TNF) succesfully ended without any problem. Invited people are among of residents from Hostel, Cyberia, and Dengkil. There are 5 team which selected random among us as shown below:

Team 1
Saniy, khairi, bad, sunan, syahir_cyberia
Team 2
Ammar, Kema, Nenek, chap, shah_local
Team 3
Haziq, Moja, Fatah, Hariz, Amir
Team 4
Adam, Azim, Kokrain, Jarir, Izuan
Team 5
Syahir_dengkil, Amir_cyberia, Pejal, Ifwan, Khair, Khalid, shah_putih

And the result is

"TNF Greatest Awards"
* TNF Greatest Team : Team 3
* TNF Best Goal keeper : Kokrain (Team 4)
* TNF Best Defender : Azim (Team 4)
* TNF Best Key Player : Haziq (Team 3)
* TNF Best Striker : Syahir Dengkil (Team 5)

Ehemmmmmmmm... thanks to organizer for saser t-shirt to the tnf champion(sux! lol)..
More picture will be uploaded after this.

credit to Thursday Nite Futsal site(TNF) for the update


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