Stop for awhile and take a snapshot of ur desktop and upload it on your blog.

Below is the wallpaper i use for this year month :

People to tag :
Mong, Noni-Chan, Medea Dayana, Nadrah gemok, and anyone who read this


  1. mong said...

    nak jgk tag aku:P

  2. fAizAL(^^,)izWaN said...

    tipu ni!!

  3. Ferguson said...

    boooo pejal evra~

  4. Nonichan said...

    thnx le tag aku n since aku baru je bace post ko ni, so aku akan post kt blog aku skang juge :D

  5. FlipOff said...

    no problem r. takmo buat pon takpe... aku tak pakse =)

  6. Anonymous said...

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