Hey Yo

After 1 week holiday, i'm back here again with a new update.
Actually nothing much i did during holiday. All my time fill with useless activities such as sleep, dota, movie, drama, study and 24 hours worried about my assignment.

And what i regret a lot is wasting time and money by go to CC play dota with my friend. Actually i prefer to wasting my money play Dota rather than smoking. But who cares....

At MMU, i play thru Garena, at home i play at CC. Play Garena and cc nothing different but full with newbie, noob, proselfclaimer and racist. Really bored with this such no brain people. Show off time.

Die Bitch!! <--favourite br="" word="">

p/s= lich with dagon really owning if u really know use it.


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